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design im shop is the official web shop of OPOSSUM design.

In this shop we offer you items at reduced prices. They are exhibition pieces, items with minimal production defects or items from previous series with small detail differences from our current collection. You will therefore not find all items in this webshop.
If you would like to see all items and items in the 1st sorting, please go to our website

All prices are in Euro. Delivery costs are shown during the order process and under the link Delivery .

bird feeder

Snack bar for birds For lovers of modern architecture: our minimalist birdhouses with their straight lines feature clear shapes and insertable branches as a natural landing aid. Extensively tested...

Bike Holder Black mit Rennrad

bicycle holder

w.b.cycle is a collection of bicycle holders which impress with their functionality and design, provide storage space for bicycle helmet, keys and bags. With hangers you can use them as wall wardrobes.


oil lamps

On the 21st of October 1879 in a laboratory in Menlo Park near New York: After 45 hours an electric light filament bulb dies out. Thomas Alva Edison is conscious of the fact to have developed the ...


for flowers

These vases don't only bring out the best in flowers, even simple twigs are beautifully showcased.


for candles and tea lights

articles for candles and tea lights


aroma lamps

A range of unique aomatic lights in a modern design with sensuality and romance. Fragrance and light have to do something withwith sensuality and romance. Fragrance and light have to do somethi...



With the brand VEJTSBERG we develop a new range of furnitures contains shelves, side and coffee tables, coat stands and other interior designs.


electric lamps

The lamps of our VEJTSBERG collection are characteristic through the timeless style of the Classic Modern age with LED lamps and pure design.


for tea

tea bag squeezers, tea eggs for losen tea and tea sets with tea pots, milk and sugar bowls in a v...



Fruit dishes in a very modern design.


for wine (bottles)

candle holders an accessories for using with wine bottles


for holding

Keep your collection of favourite magazines, brochures or long-play records on this extraordinary holder aluminium, rubber, plexi glass


All deliveries to Great Britain are currently carried out by DHL. DPD has currently stopped all deliveries due to problems with customs processing. Due to the limitations of the package dimensions for DHL postal deliveries, deliveries from cupboards and shelves are not possible.

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