General Conditions

General conditions and terms of trade

1. Scope of Application

For the business relations between DESIGN-IM-SHOP by OPOSSUM design (henceforth to be called OPOSSUM design) and the customer, only these general conditions and terms of trade are valid. Adverse terms and conditions are only valid if OPOSSUM design expressly approves their validity in writing. Sales contracts only become valid upon confirmation of your order in writing or the actual shipping of the goods.

2. Prices

2.1. The prices which are listed at the time of your order on the product page apply. The prices are final prices inclusive of German VAT and all other price components. This excludes the shipping costs. These are collected separately for your order and are determined mainly by weight of the goods and the shipping method you choose. The shipping costs will also be indicated on the product page.. All prices are given in Euros (€). Our prices are quoted for each sales unit and do not include any eventual service costs (e.g. custom cutting)
Errors or technical mistakes in representing the prices in the web shop are excepted. Special offers are only good as long as supplies last.
Payments are possible as prepayment through bank transfer or PayPal and credit card through the PayPal platform. For payments via PayPal till an order amount of EUR 150,00 a fee of 3,25% is charged.

2.2. Customs

2.2.1. Each order placed through the website and delivered in your country outside of UE may be subject to possible taxes or fees by customs of the destination country.
2.2.2. These customs charges pertaining to the delivery of a product are to be paid by the end user and solely the end user’s responsibility.
2.2.3. OPOSSUM design is not required to verify or communicate any applicable taxes or related customs charges to end users. For further information,
we encourage end users to contact the relevant authorities in their own country.

3. OS platform
Here you can find the dispute settlement on the OS platform (The European Commission online platform for extrajudicial ODR):

If there should be a problem, if you have a question, suggestion or criticism please get in touch with us by e-mail:

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